How To Write the Perfect Essay

How To Write the Perfect Essay

If you’re choosing to study English or another subject within Arts and Humanities at university is likely to require lots of essay writing. It’s a difficult skill to master due to the fact that it demands both imagination and strategic planning. However, if you practice the following when you write an essay, you’ll succeed: success:

1. Plan

This could sound like a long-winded process, however, if your plan is an effective plan you’ll actually save time when it comes to writing your essay, because you’ll know where your response will be headed and won’t push yourself into the wrong direction. Don’t worry if you’re stuck initially, just note down some ideas, and chances are the rest will follow. It is easiest for me to create a mindmap and each bubble that I create representing one of my main paragraphs. After that, I create quotes that will help in my analysis of the bubble.

For instance, if were to answer « To what extent is Curley’s wife depicted as being a victime in Of Mice and Men?’ I might begin with a mind map that appears like this:

You can continue to add to this plan, crossing bits out and linking different bubbles as you discover interconnections between them.follow the link ventsmagazine At our site Although you may not have the time to create detailed plans in circumstances of examination, it could be useful draw a simple sketch, including a few essential words, so you don’t become overwhelmed and fall off-topic when writing your essay. If you’re not a fan of the mind map format you have plenty of alternatives: it is possible to create a table that flows, or simply a list of bullet points.

2. Be clear about your structure

Take note of this when you are making plans. Your essay is akin to an argument or a speech. It has to have a structure that is logical, and all your arguments coming together to address the question. The first step is to establish the basics. It is best to pick the most important points that can be used as your main paragraphs. Three main paragraphs is a great quantity for an essay that you will need to pass, since you will be working under pressure. Plan your essay in a arrangement of »YES » (agreement to the issue) as well as (another « YES » point) However (disagreement or complicated) If you’re in agreement with the whole question or YES-BUT – And if you disagree. This will help ensure that you’re focused on your arguments and you do not wander away from the question.

For example, you could design this Of Mice and Men sample question in the following manner:

« To what extent is the character of Curley’s spouse portrayed as a woman in Of Mice and Men?’

  • Yes – descriptive descriptions of her physical appearance
  • As well as – the opinions of other people toward her
  • But – her position as the sole woman on the ranch confers her with power and she makes use of her femininity to gain advantage

If you wanted to write a lengthy essay You could add additional paragraphs under the ‘YES/AND’ category, perhaps describing the ways that Curley’s spouse reveals her vulnerability and insecurities as she shares her fears with other characters; on the contrary, you could increase the length of your essay by having a third ‘BUT’ sentence about her manipulative and cruel streak.

Of of course, this isn’t necessarily the only right way to tackle this essay so long as you are able to back your argument with evidence from the text, you are able to choose any viewpoint that makes sense.

3. Support your argument by analyzing your quotes

It’s not possible to write a scientific report without citing proof to back up your claims and so why should it be any different with an essay? Although you’re not expected to justify every claim you make using an example, there’s no harm in trying. A careful examination of the quotations you make can help improve your understanding of what you’re asked to say and will surely impress your examiners.

When choosing the most appropriate quotations to incorporate in your essay, keep an eye out for specific literary techniques. For instance, you might review Curley’s wife’s use rhetorical questions. For instance, she says: ‘What am I doing? Standing here talking to several stiffs of bindle »

The rhetorical question « An What am I doing? » signifies that Curley’s wife is extremely insecure She is contemplating her choices in life. In addition, the fact she does not anticipate anyone to respond to the question shows her plight.

Other literary techniques you should look out for are:

  • Tricolon (also known as tricolon) is a combination of three words or phrases , which are positioned near to each other for emphasis
  • Tautology, a word that is used in different ways which refer to the same concept (e.g. ‘frightening ‘terrifying’
  • Parallelism – ABAB structure. It often indicates shift from one concept to another
  • Chiasmus Chiasmus ABBA structure. It draws attention to the phrase
  • Polysyndeton – a variety of conjunctions within the same sentence
  • Asyndeton – the absence of conjunctions It can also speed up pace of a sentence
  • Polyptoton – utilizing the same word in different versions for focus, for instance « done, » and « doing. »
  • Alliteration , repetition of the same sound. The different types of alliteration can be found in assonance (similar vowel sounds) in addition to plosive (‘b’ as well as ‘d’, ‘p’ and’ tones) as well as sibilance (‘s’ sounds)
  • Anaphora – repeated words; typically used to emphasize a certain point

Do not fret if you are unable to locate all of these literary devices within the piece that you’re studying – you could talk about more obvious effects such as simile, metaphor and onomatopoeia. It’s not an issue if you’re struggling to remember all the long names , but it’s crucial to discuss the impact of literary techniques , and how they relate for the topic than apply the correct terminology.

4. Be original and creative all the way through

Anyone could write an essay following the suggestions above, however the only thing that makes it ‘perfect’ is your unique perspective on the topic you’re discussing. If you’ve noticed something intriguing or unusual in your reading Be sure to point it out: if your interest is in it you’re likely to find that the person reading your essay is going to too.

Writing essays and creative writing are closer than you’d think. keep the idea of writing an argument or speech in your mind, and you’re bound to draw the reader’s attention.

It’s essential to define your argument in your introduction. explaining your main points and the general direction your essay is likely to be taking, but you should remember to keep something back for the conclusion also. It’s true that you must present your main points in a concise manner, but if it’s just a repetition of the information you’ve provided in your introduction, then the essay itself is rendered pointless.

Imagine your conclusion as the culmination of your speech, that part all of the other stuff has been leading to, rather than an uninteresting plenary at close of your interesting talk.

To return to Of Mice and Men once again, here’s an illustration of a perfect difference between an introduction and a closing:


Ahead of the publication, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife appears as a character who is ambiguous. It is possible to view her as a cruel romantic, seductive sexy temptress or a lonely woman who is a victim of her society’s attitudes. Although it is true that she does have a sexual power, it is evident that the wife of Curley is largely an innocent victim. This view is supported with Steinbeck’s portrayal of her looks, people’s attitudes, dreams as well as her apparent anxiety and loneliness.


Overall, it’s evident that Curley’s wife is a victim and appears as such throughout the novel, in details of her look, fantasies as well as the judgmental attitude of other people as well as her insecurities and loneliness. But a character that was a victim, and only one thing else could be one-dimensional and Curley’s wife , however, isn’t. Although she’s hurt in a multitude of ways but she’s shown to assert herself by manipulating her femininity . This is a small indignation against the violence she endures.

Both are consistent in their reference to the original question, and summarize what the essay’s principal points are; However, the final paragraph introduces something brand new, which was set out in the body of the article, and confuses the simple summary which is provided in the introduction.

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